DCF Dependency Investigations

Countless children are removed everyday by DCF in the State of Florida. While some of these removals are absolutely justified and in the best interest of the children’s safety- many ARE NOT! Many violate your rights and Chapter 39 Florida Statutes that govern DCF.  The process with DCF is long and you need an appropriate legal time. AN ATTORNEY ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH!

Criminal and dependency cases have much in common and in fact often those involved with dependency cases have related criminal charges.

As a former DCF Investigator, I have a unique position in understanding both the DCF investigative process and conducting a private investigation to help your case.

I will a conduct a full investigation that includes: reviewing all evidence, reviewing reports, interviewing witnesses, identifying new witnesses, and evaluating the DCF investigator among other things.

I will identify and attack flaws, discrepancies, errors, omissions, etc. of your case.

DCF investigations are conducted through a systematic examination and inquiry of your case utilizing proven methods and a methodical approach.

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